Studying at CAPA

Pastoral Guidance and Support:
CAPA’s pastoral guidance is of the highest quality. Students receive group and individual tutorial guidance. CAPA’s student support centre is always available to provide additional guidance on financial, emotional, health and welfare issues.

Career and College Guidance:
CAPA students and their parents and carers receive extensive support and training on careers, college and university applications, auditions and interviews as part of our ‘Life after CAPA’ programme. This includes guest speakers, masterclasses, visits, residentials, tutorials and Mock Audition Week.

Students have the opportunity to participate in extensive enrichment activities. This includes working in professional theatres, tours, work placements, working with our resident arts partners, masterclasses and a range of weekly timetabled enrichment lessons. CAPA students will also develop workshop leading skills and can participate in leading Arts workshops with CAPA Juniors, Primary School children, KS3 and KS4 groups.

Trips and Events:
Regular trips and events are organised including theatre trips, professional masterclasses, residentials and social activities. CAPA students are expected to attend at least two theatre trips per term in order to support their studies. Recent trips include:

  • Rambert Dance Company at Bradford Alhambra
  • Beautiful Burnout by Frantic Assembly at Sheffield Lyceum
  • Move it at Olympia, London
  • Comedy of Errors at Manchester Exchange
  • Lord of the Flies by Matthew Bourne at Bradford Alhambra
  • Every two years CAPA holds an overseas trip. In February 2015 CAPA students spent 4 nights in New York. As well as visiting the world famous New York landmarks, students watched two Broadway shows, participated in workshops with Broadway artists, visited the Alvin Ailey Dance School and performed street theatre in Central Park.

    Parent/Carer Communication:
    Parents and Carers are a big part of the life of CAPA, right from the audition days that they are invited to attend, to regular contact at the many, many performances and events held by CAPA each year. Student Review Day takes place twice a year where each student attends a meeting with their tutor and parent/carer to discuss progress, offer guidance and discuss any issues. Students will receive a report with grades for effort, deadlines, target grades, predicted grades and aspirational grades.

    There are also two meetings with parents and carers as part of our ‘Life after CAPA’ programme to enable them to support their child fully through the University/Conservatoire application process.

    Course costs:
    There are no course fees to pay at CAPA. Some students may be eligible for the Post-16 bursary which is a means tested fund to help support students during their Further Education studies. Details of how to apply for the bursary is provided on the Induction days. Some specialist clothing is required for the course along with several scripts. Students will also be expected to attend at least two theatre performances per term. A full equipment list is provided as part of the Induction programme.

    Those students who successfully gain a place at CAPA will take part in a full induction programme at CAPA before the start of the course in order to prepare and familiarise them and to answer any questions.